Thai Woman Caught With Meth In Vagina

A ranting Thai woman was caught with a bag of meth in her vagina – which she said ”someone had left there by mistake”.

Kanokwan Chonlasin was stopped by customs officers while crossing the Thai-Cambodian border to reach Sa Kaeo, eastern Thailand last Sunday August 4.

Police were suspicious of her behaviour and asked to search her – which the woman refused.

Kanokwanthen began shouting at the officers and tried to run away when a male policeman conducted checks.

Female officers then were called to help bring her back to the police station.

Customs police conducted a full-body cavity search and found a plastic bag containing 0.808 grams of methamphetamine in her vagina.

The ranting woman – who police said was under the influence at the time – said she was not aware of the meth inside her.

She said: ”Someone must have left it there by mistake.”

The woman claimed to police that she had been having sex with someone who had left it there without her knowing.

Kanokwan, who was still not fully sober, only admitted for taking drugs while she was working at a casino in Paoy Paet, Cambodia, before travelling back to Thailand.

She said: ”I took some drugs today when I was working in the casino. But I didn’t know how that bag was inside me.”

Police did not believe her story and the alleged drugs smuggler was remanded to the Khlong Luek Police Station, pending for further legal proceedings.

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