Thai woman, 25, accidentally pulls out her eyelashes after slipping while curling them

A woman accidentally pulled out all of her eyelashes after slipping while she was curling them. 

Nonlaphan Setthavibull, 25, was getting ready for a night out in Bangkok, central Thailand, on December 3, evening.

She was curling her eyelashes using a small metal tool, like those used by many women around the world.

But while she was leaning on her dressing table her right elbow slipped – yanking out the entire row of her eyelashes.

Nonlaphan, a mother-of-one, said her planned night out which she had organised a babysitter for was ruined, but she saw the funny side of the situation. 

She said: “My elbow accidentally slipped off the edge of the dressing table. I was holding the curling tool and it still had my eyelashes in the grip.

”It pulled all of them out so quickly.”

The first photograph of Nonlaphan’s face shows her left eye with unharmed eyelashes while on other side, in her right eye, there are none.

Another shows her lost eyelashes stuck with mascara onto the eyelash curler.

Nonlaphan added: “I was so shocked. All of my left eyelashes were completely taken out. 

”When they have grown back I will concentrate more when I’m curling my eyelashes.”

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