Thai Soldier CANED In Army Training Drill

This horrific video shows a soldier bent double in agony after being CANED as part of a ruthless army training drill.

The young Thai man in army uniform stands with his hands by his side while another squaddie lashes him SIX times with the thick wooden stick.

Each time his legs buckle as he hits the floor, bent double in agony and crying out in pain.

Shockingly, a second soldier joins in and strikes him three times in quick succession before the first soldier finishes by repeatedly kicking him in the head.

With a glistening white Buddhist temple in the background, several soldiers calmly walk by as the man is subjected to the ordeal on a patch of grass.

The distressing footage sparked outrage after it was leaked online. It is said to be punishment for not completing an army training drill properly.

Army officials said they are investigating the footage after it went viral with more than 25 million views – and vowed to punish those carrying out the attack.

Army spokesman Col. Winthai Suwari said: ”This is improper conduct against the participants of military training.

”We found that the unit is the cavalry centre and we have ordered to conduct an investigation immediately.

”The way that the teacher is seen training people is not in accordance with regulations set by the government. This constitutes a breach of regulations and orders of the superiors.

”Troops who have taken part in this inappropriate behavior will be punished severely.”

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