Thai Skinny Dippers Have Their Clothes Stolen

This was the embarrassing moment two Thai men returned from a 2am skinny dipping session to find their CLOTHES had been stolen.

The hapless duo stripped off and left their outfits on the beach before dashing into the sea in Pattaya in the early hours of the morning.

But after frolicking in the cold water, they returned to find their belongings – including two expensive smartphones and 6,000 baht in cash – were missing.

Kind-hearted locals provided the two men, Pongpat Sanglat, 42, and Cheewin Chanhom, 23, with towels to cover their modesty before police arrived to investigate.

Pongpat, a computer programmer, said him and his young companion had decided to go skinny on the spur of the moment.

He told officers that his Samsung S9 phone was stolen while his friend, a student, had and a Huawei 1 handset. They were also carrying cash and travel documents in their pockets before they decided to swim.

Pongpat said: ”We left our clothes on the rocks on the beach. I didn’t think anybody could be so cruel to take them. The sea looked so beautiful we felt like swimming.

”I didn’t see anybody steal them. It was just when we came out of the water there was nothing there. We had to ask for help.”

Police Major General Sombat Kaewmun said police would check CCTV in the area to find the thief. He said: ”The two phones were worth approximately 50,000 baht. We have checked the area nearby but only recovered the shoes of the victims.

”We will track the offender and prosecute them with the full severity of the law.”

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