Thai Schoolboy Does Keepy Uppy With Toilet Roll

This plucky schoolboy earns pocket money by doing keepy-uppy with a toilet roll – just like his hero Neymar.

Phumtham Wanat, 13, learned the bizarre skill after seeing the Brazilian superstar juggle the unorthodox item on TV.

The youngster – nicknamed Euro for his love of European football – claims he can do 2,000 keepy-uppy with the toilet roll – a potential world record and probably more than PSG star Neymar can manage.

Phumtham now earns around 300 baht an hour from passers-by when he pitches up after finishing school for the day to show off his skills at BTS sky train stations in Bangkok.

The schoolboy says he’s not bothered about money and does his routine for the love of football and so he can keep ‘’improving every day’’.

After being given a new football, Phumtham was filmed doing keepy uppy but he soon switched back to his preferred toilet rolls, which he has developed a unique talent for playing with.

He said: ”I go to school every day so I just do this when I have a little time. I don’t earn a lot of money. I just want to show my football skills to the public and keep improving every day.

”Yes, I saw Neymar do this in a clip and tried it. I thought it was fun and started doing it a lot.

”I think that me and Neymar are the best in the world at football freestyle with a toilet roll. I would love to challenge him and do keepy uppy together.

‘‘Neymar is my favourite player. I love the European leagues and the European cup. I support all of the teams. My dream is to be a professional footballer. I want to play in the Premier League or in Europe.”

Brazilian footballer Neymar was filmed juggling an orange, socks and toilet rolls in November 2015. He managed 38 keepy-uppy with the toilet roll.

Phumtham’s father, Kompet, added: ”My son has loved football since he could walk. He plays for his school team.

”He can do 2,000 keepy uppy with the toilet roll. But it depends on the quality of the toilet roll. The conditions and surroundings also effect it.

”A strong toilet roll will keep going but another will break.

”Phumtham trains hard every day. I am proud of him that he is doing something he loves.”

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