Thai model makes grovelling apology for video of her walking round with sex toy in knickers

A Thai model was forced to make a grovelling apology after being filmed walking around Bangkok with a remote-control sex toy in her knickers.

Ghanda Suriyamanee, 26, was seen in the six-minute long video sitting in a car before being handed a small remote-operated ‘egg’ by the cameraman which she puts into her underwear.

The man then activated the device while they walked down the street, rode in a tuk tuk, visited a fruit stall at a market, then went shopping for beer and ate lunch at a cafe.

Footage of the ‘sex toy prank’ sparked outrage after it emerged last week during the country’s Covid-19 restrictions.

Police Colonel Siriwat Deepor said they had received complaints about the video and identified the woman involved to give a statement.

She was identified as a glamour model that had featured in Maxim Magazine and several other high profile modelling and advertising campaigns.

Ghanda handed herself in to the office of the Cyber Crime Suppression Diving in Bangkok on Tuesday (April 21)  and apologised for the stunt which she said ”was just acting”.

She said: “I was paid 11,000THB (275GBP) to do the video for the sex toy advertising.

“I accepted to do it because I thought the pay was good but after talking to the police I realised that it was a terrible thing because it was a bad example to the children.

”I didn’t realise so many people would see the video. have promised not to do this again.”

Police Colonel Siriwat Deepor said Ghanda was released with a warning.

He said: ”The suspect admitted she was the person in the video and apologised for the lewdness of it.”

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