Thai model, 24, quits glamorous job to become a full time rooster breeder

A pretty model has revealed how she quit her job to become a full time rooster breeder.

Fighting cock lover Phromnat Jumpa, 24, had earned a comfortable living posing with fitness products and at gyms in Phayao, northern Thailand.

But she decided to follow her dreams and last month dedicated all her time to her feathered friends, which she had been raising as hobby.

Phromnat said she it had allowed her to increase the number of roosters she keeps and now has more than 300 game cocks.

Speaking today (Jan 6), the former model said: ”Being a model was not as easy as people think.

”I love being on the farm with my roosters. So I decided to change, as this is a job that I can do when I grow older, too.”

Phromnat said the birds are bred for selling and she chooses the fittest and strongest to keep for herself. They are then trained as fighting birds and compete against others from the area.

She does all of the nurturing by herself, feeding and training them from sunrise until dusk.

Phromnat said she has been in love with roosters since she was a little girl and she is following her heart by working with them every day.

She “I have been familiar with the business ever since I was a child as almost everyone in my village owns at least one rooster.

“I love their beautiful appearances and their audacity, they are the perfect combination of beauty and strength.

“I now have 20 roosters who are ready for fighting and another 300 that are for selling. Eeach one is usually worth 1,500 THB (37 GBP).

“The income from this is sufficient for me to support my family and I am more happy with this choice.”

Cock fighting is one of Thailand’s most popular sports – with some events boasting cash prizes of more than two million Baht (around 50,000GBP)

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