Thai Man Turns Motorcycle Into F-16 Jet

This fighter plane fanatic made his dream of operating an F-16 jet come true – by turning his motorcycle into one.

Kunlung Chet, 50, said he had dreamed since a child of getting into the cockpit of one of the iconic war planes but knew his goal was unlikely to happen.

But keen to make his dreams a reality, the fruit seller built a mini-replaica which he then fastened on top of his Honda moped.

He now whizzes around the streets in his home in Nakhon Si Thammarat, southern Thailand, with the green casing covering him.

He said: ”I had to remove some of the plastic from the bike to give me more room and make it more comfortable, but now I feel like this is the strongest motorcycle in the world.

”I’ve had a dream since I was a child to fly an F-16 but the dreams never became a reality. I found the materials in the house and made an F-16, painted in green and put it on the bike.

”It is rain proof and at night it stops insects from hitting my face. I’m very proud of it and people who see it are very impressed.”

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