Thai Man Stops Moving Fan With His Tongue

This is the eye-watering moment a man stops a spinning fan – with his TONGUE.

Khun Joi ripped off the protective metal grill on the front of the household appliance and cranked up the speed to the fastest ‘number 3’ setting.

He shows how fast the blades are rotating by letting them hit his finger nail.

thai man stops a moving fan with his tongue

thai man stops a moving fan with his tongue

But he then stuns onlookers by leaning forward and sticking out his tongue – which clatters into the high-speed fan.

Incredibly, it brings the blades to a complete stop and Joi escapes any kind of cuts on his mouth – as impressed friends applaud.

Friend Bie Nared Suksin, 25, who recorded the painful stunt at his home in Minburi, Thailand, said: ”It looked so painful, my friend must have a very strong tongue. It’s not something I would ever want to try.”

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