Thai Man Disguises Himself As Westerner For Robbery

This is the bizarre moment a Thai crook disguised himself as a Western man before carrying out a bungled gold shop robbery.

Wongsakorn Petchsanan, 30, paid 15,000 Thai baht to have a silicone nose fitted, blue contact lenses, skin whitening and a fake beard on December 2.

The next morning, he walked into a gold shop in Nonthaburi, on the outskirts of Bangkok, and asked to view gold necklaces worth a total of 480,000 Thai baht.

CCTV shows how his Mission Impossible style plan was almost successful when moments later he turned on his heels and fled from the shop.

But the disguise – intended to hamper efforts to identify him on CCTV – proved pointless as he was rugby tackled by security guards outside the shopping mall when he tried to flag down a motorcycle taxi as a getaway vehicle.

Wongsakorn was forced into a humiliating crime re-enactemnt later that day – still sporting his ridiculous disguise – before confessing to police that he had carried out the gold jewellery theft.

The thief said: ”I used to work at a beauty salon. I thought that if I could look like a foreigner I would not be caught. Once I had the gold in my hand I ran away.”

Police said that Wongsakorn had ran away with four gold chains each worth 100,000 baht as well as two necklaces each worth 40,000 baht. The total value was 480,000 Thai baht.

Security guards at the shopping mall said they radioed for help when Wongsakorn was seen running from the gold shop. He made it across the road to a nearby market, but a different set of security guards manage to apprehend him.

Staff at the make-up shop where Wongsakorn had his make-up done said he had arrived the day before insisting on a ”dramatic change”.

The owner of Sister Makeup, Nong Joy, said Wongsakorn asked her to make him look like a ”beautiful western man”.

She said: ”He came in on November 29 and made an appointment for December 2 at 2pm. He wanted a big change and said he wanted a straight face like a beautiful Westerner. I didn’t think anything was unusual.

”He paid 15,000 baht for blue contact lenses, a silicone nose, a beard on his lower face, eyebrow colouring, skin lightening, darkening around the eye lids and a hair cut and dye. The treatment took a few hours. We finished at 3pm, he called a taxi and left.”

Lieutenant Colonel Apichai Chaisupap from the Bang Bua Thong district police station said the suspect had been found carrying the stolen gold necklaces.

He said: ”The suspect had planned the crime very well and added a convincing mask to camouflage his face. He had a faek beard and fake eyes.

”However, he was no able to escape the scene and Good Samaritans helped to arrest him. The villain has been detained by police while more evidence is gathered and he will be prosecuted.”

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