Thai Man Caught Having Sex With Woman’s DOG

A furious pet owner called police after catching a pensioner having sex – with her DOG.

Bang-orn Phumkaew became suspicious after seven-year-old Jao Jut would regualry wander off to the same deserted building in Chonburi, Thailand.

She said at the same time as Jao Jut, a male, left ‘’wagging his tail’’ a local man named as ‘’Chen’’ would also enter the building.

Bang-orn and her son finally went to investigate after hearing bizarre groans coming from the empty house 50 metres from their own.

The pair said they were horrified when they looked through a window and saw Chen, 65, having sex with Jao Jut.

But incredibly, they partly BLAMED their own dog for willingly going to the meet him and asked police only to warn Chen.

Bang-orn Phumkaew, 56, tells how a man had sex with her dog

Bang-orn Phumkaew, 56, tells how a man had sex with her dog

Bang-orn, who said her mutt liked the man and compared it to a relationship, said: ‘’I heard the dog was crying inside the house. He’s seven or eight years old and he’s male.

‘’The man we caught had taken off his shirt and pants. He had sex with dog from behind.

‘’We wanted to find the camera to take a video as evidence but it was dark, we could not take a video.

‘’This happened many times already but today he did it near the tree and somebody else saw it.

‘’He masturbated himself and he masturbated the dog, too. The dog likes him also. When the dog sees him he goes and run away to see him, because he do like this to him.

‘’We told the police but I don’t want anything bad to happen to the man because we think he is not 100 per cent in the head, and our dog likes him.

‘’You see, he wants to go and see him. The dog runs to follow him so we cannot say something too bad to the man, because the dog is together with him like a relationship.’’

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