Thai Ladyboy Shows Off Dramatic Transformation

A Thai ladyboy who was bullied for being overweight has revealed her dramatic transformation – into a stunning DD-cup model.

Natthachai Tangchit, 21, started wearing women’s clothes when she was a teenager in rural province Surin, northern Thailand.

She ballooned to 19 stone but despite her bulky frame, continued wearing bikinis and posing for selfies.

While Natthachai was confident and believed she was sexy – cruel classmates tormented her and called her a ”wild buffalo”.

Natthachai says she has now achieved her dream figure – after having 500cc breast implants, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, chin injections, and lip reduction.

With advice from doctors, she has slimmed down to nine stone, and a dress size 10.

She even earns a comfortable living modelling and promoting beauty products online while helping to inspire others in similar situations.

The model says she is also bombarded with messages from potential suitors who want to take her out on dates.

Natthachai said: ”I loved taking sexy pictures. That may have actually ruined sex for some people. It may have put them off.

”Although I didn’t have the look, I was confident that I had a fit body and and was beautiful person.

”That confidence was just plain wrong.”

Despite doing her best to blend in, her bulky frame didn’t suit her feminine clothes – prompting bullying from locals.

She added: ”I was fat. Strangers mocked me, saying I’d stay fat until the day I die. So I promised myself that I’d do anything to lose weight and be beautiful.”

Natthachai has now had the last laugh after undergoing a series of plastic surgeries to have large breasts and cosmetic surgery on her face to create an appearance of femininity that she says convinces most men that she’s a natural woman.

Natthachai said she has blossomed from a ”wild buffalo” weighing almost 19 stone to a ”slender swan” who is roughly 9 stones, thanks to the advice she received from doctors, diet supplements, and exercise.

To top it all off, she even had a surgery to create dimples in order to achieve a youthful look.

”I’m happy that I could do it and prove those people wrong,” she said.

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