Thai Kids Boxing In Beach Road Beer Bars

These children batter each other in boxing matches for tips from tourists in a beer bar complex on Beach Road.

Each of the kids is taught with tools for increasing flexibility, ensuring they know when to dodge an incoming hit which may leave them bewildered.

The youngsters aged between 12 and 14 take part in Muay Thai fights in a full-size ring in the busy tourist zone in Pattaya.

After each match lasting three rounds another pair of kids enter the ring while holidaymakers watch.

They then finish and wander round the complex of bars collecting tips from onlookers.

The fights take place in the centre of a covered bar area used by dozens of bar girls.

Onlooker Randolph Frost said: ”The kids weren’t holding back. It was full-on boxing.

”I was a little surprised at how aggressive it was, and there were grown-ups standing at the ring side shouting instructions to them.

Two kids Muay Thai boxing in a beer bar complex on Beach Road, in Pattaya

Two kids Muay Thai boxing in a beer bar complex on Beach Road, in Pattaya

”There were tourists inside watching who were enjoying it. There were girls and lots of bar staff insider.”

This is a pretty cool place to visit at least once during your trip to Pattaya.

The fights between kids start at around 8pm and last until 10pm or 11pm on weekends, possibly sometimes on weekdays too.

Beers here are a good price. Around 80 baht for a bottle of Singha beer.

If you’re a sensitive soul the scraps might upset you. Best to stay away. In fact, stay away from Pattaya all together.

But if you want some real boxing entertainment it’s worth visiting to watch the kids boxing.

Two grown-men do fight after the children, but that’s more of a comedy show fight and a bit cringe-worthing. Be sure to leave after and hit the girly bars or play some pool.

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