Thai Grandmother Is Hot After Plastic Surgery

Dramatic before and after pictures show how a grandmother has been transformed with TEN plastic surgery procedures.

Pavana Booranacheewawilai, 65, planned to have eyelid surgery to stop them from folding inwards, which were causing her to suffer from watery eyes and blurred vision.

But her son Thanachaphan, a self-confessed cosmetic surgery addict, persuaded his mother to have plastic surgery across her whole face.

The spinster has now been receiving complements from dozens of young men who say she looks far younger. Posting on Instagram, one man said: ”Wow, you’re so beautiful now.”

Another added: ”I would love to date you.”

Pavana even said she is mistaken for her son’s SISTER while they are out and about together.

She said: ‘’I cannot believe how different I look. I am happy that I had the procedures and that my son loved me so much to organise it.

‘’Many young men have complimented me. I feel very flattered and confident.’’

The family then flew 3,720 kilometres from their home in Bangkok, Thailand, to Seoul, South Korea for the incredible cosmetic transformation on November 26.

Pavana consulted the surgical expert in the morning before spending more than nine hours in the operating room.

The procedures she had were eyelid surgery, forehead and temple lipo-fillings, brow lifting, nose surgery, cheek and chin liposuctions, lip surgery, dental implants removing, and permanent dentures replacing.

Thanachaphan revealed before and after pictures of his mother’s transformation on April 28 to promote his surgical consulting service, Bookko, which advises people on plastic surgery.

Pavana said that the surgery did not only improve her eyesight but it also fixed her flaw appearances, which made her look very much younger than her age.

The mother of three said: “As the first-time having plastic surgery, it was not as scary and painful as I though. Plus, I was also very happy with the result.

“Now I know that it’s never too late to do the surgery to fix something. Everybody thinks my son and I were brother and sister.”

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