Thai gogo dancer diagnosed with Covid-19 sparking fears she infected tourists

A Thai gogo dancer has been diagnosed with coronavirus – sparking fears she could have spread the disease to hundreds of tourists.

The 34-year-old sex worker had been employed at the Tilac bar on Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy alleyway of strip clubs before the country closed all bars on March 18 due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bars, massage parlours and sports events were among the first places closed by the country’s government due to the high risk of spreading the virus through body contact. Soi Cowboy is the most famous and busiest of Thailand’s red light districts and was being visited by thousands of tourists every day before it closed.

Health officials revealed last Thursday (March 26) that the infected girl left the capital on March 15 and returned to her home town in Roi-Et, northeastern Thailand.

The woman, who had not been named, went to a relative’s wedding ceremony which attended over 120 guests on March 19 and also went shopping the following day. 

She was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Tuesday (24/03). Now the provincial government house already have 20 of the guests checking for infection. 

A second woman who worked at the bar with her was also diagnosed as having the coronavirus. It is not know how many other sex workers at the venue have the disease, but four girls from the nearby ‘Moonshine Bar’ were confirmed to have the illness.

The provincial governor Wanchai Kongkasem said that health officials are now finding the rest of the guests form the wedding she attended that are at risk of being infected.

He said: “After the woman was diagnosed with coronavirus we questioned her about where she had been and  were shocked that she went to a wedding ceremony.

‘Now we have 20 out of 120 guests checked for the infection but the rest are still at large and we need them to report themselves at the hospital urgently.”

The sheriff later announced the district where the wedding was arranged to be closed and the locals who violated his order will be charged. 

Sheriff Wallop Chindangern said: “The locals in the province are not allowed to exit the district area until all guests at the wedding have been checked.

“The locals who leave the district area without permission from the office will be considered breaking the law.”

The other two confirmed cased in Roi-Et were both residents in Bangkok, one worked as a housekeeper at the bar and the other one was back from the boxing stadium.

Thailand has diagnosed 1,524 cases of the coronavirus and confirmed a total of nine deaths attributed to the pandemic. The country has imposed strict travel restrictions and a ban on non-residents entering the country.

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