Women Flee As Thai Gigolo Bar Raided By Cops

It’s not your usual sex venue … these young men are from a Thai gigolo bar raided by cops.

The handsome fellas were rounded up after a police stormed the illegal premises in Rayong, eastern Thailand.

They had been servicing wealthy Thai women in desperate need of some male attention from young bucks.

Young Thai men at the Thai gigolo bar raided by cops

Young Thai men at the Thai gigolo bar raided by cops

But when Thai police poured into the shady venue, the women- many of them housewives – fled with handbags covering their faces.

The gigolo bar was operating on Ratbamrung Road under the guise of a karaoke bar. But behind the screens, a seedier business was taking place, according to Daily News.

Illegal activities and ‘drug taking’

Men in their early 20s would cater to the needs of older women, often over drinks and food.

But residents became suspicious and complained to police who then busted the venue.

Manager Thanhikorn “Ger” Hiranluang, 23, was arrested and charged with running a business without permission and not having a license to serve alcohol.

Gigolo bars servicing bored housewives are quite popular for Thai birds with a bit of money and an absent hubby. There are plenty in Bangkok catering for Thai locals… though obviously they’re not as well-known as the big tourist venues in red light areas.

Frankly I can’t see the problem. Where else are rich middle-aged Thai women likely to get a thorough rogering from muscle-bound young stallions? 

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