Thai Fortune Teller Does Live Show With Bikini Models

A Buddhist fortune teller sparked anger after delivering a sermon while being groped by bikini clad models.

Psychic medium Mahamuni, 39, has hundreds of thousands of followers who pay to have ‘readings’ from him in Bangkok, Thailand.

But he shocked locals when he broadcast himself flanked by young women in skimpy bikinis.

Footage shows the topless fortune teller displaying his bleached hair tattooed torso while sitting in a Big Brother style armchair.

A young girl wearing a yellow bikini entered and sat next to him on the armrest as he gave spiritual advice to viewers.

The woman began touching his half-naked body and moving in alluring postures as his friend, Tony, told the girl to keep seducing him. A second girl in red bikini then joined, wrapping her legs around the psychic.

Thousands of viewers became more outraged when smiling Mahamuni rubbed her knee before laying his head on her inner thigh.

The amulet master, who claims to be able to use black magic and spells, was slammed for his inappropriate behaviour with locals claiming he was being disrespectful to the Buddhism beliefs and precepts.

Chaiya Nakprasertsakunwong, a loyal Buddhist, said: “Dirty! Unacceptable! Why people still respect this man just because he claimed that he is a true Buddist.

‘’I don’t even believe that he has the power from God to predict the future. This is not what a true Buddhist would do. He is nothing but a lair.”

Thida Rattana added: ‘’This is not how a fortune teller should act. I wouldn’t let him read my palm. He is not humble and he shows off too much.’’

Despite the backlash, Mahamuni refused to accept the criticism saying that his behaviour was not against any Buddhist virtues.

He claimed that the show demonstrated how his powers were so strong, he could channel his psychic energy without being distracted by the women.

He said: “The video is meant to show how good I am with the ritual practice. As you can see, I’m not even bothered by the sexy girl seducing and touching me. It doesn’t distract me from my work.

“People who respect me would know that it was just acting and it wasn’t the real me. They still support me because they know I can make their lives better.”

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