Thai Cops Make Avengers Style Vinyl Banner

Thai police were have been mocked after carrying out a drugs raid then staging a bizarre press conference styled as Avengers: Endgame.

Armed officers stormed the three storey property in Bangkok at 10am where they arrested an alleged dealer and seized goods worth around half a million pounds.

With the suspect carted off, senior officers then put up a 10ft high vinyl banner with their own faces over a futuristic background.

Below their portraits, the sign was given the title ‘Endgame Episode 1: The End of Satan in the City’.

The bizarre stunt appears to have been inspired by the hit movie Avengers: Endgame which has broke box office records after it was released last month.

Top cops proudly told the media about the drugs raid achievement, but the move backfired, with locals on social media mocking the police for having ‘’too much time on their hands’’.

One viewer, Kittisak Samet, said: ‘’At first they were going to arrest the bad guys two weeks ago, but they had to wait for the sign to be finished.’’

Another said: ‘’How do you have so much time and money to be able to do this? Catching criminals is part of your job, you don’t need a prize for it.’’

Khun Saichon said: ‘’The police are always quick to appear when they want to have their picture taken.’’

Bangkok local resident, giving his name as Apichat, said: ‘’The police believe they’re superheroes now. Someone should tell them that the Avengers just is a movie.’’

While another local said: ‘’Are these guys grown ups or kids playing cops and robbers?’’

Major General Chalermkiat Sriworakhan, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police, said his team had arrested Chaturong Pungprom, 26, and seized goods worth more than 20 million baht.

He said: ‘’The suspect is linked with several major drug cases in the city and he has an involvement in networks providing many kinds of drugs in large quantities from the northern border directly into Bangkok and its vicinity.

‘’An arrest warrant was obtained in the criminal court and we have seized valuables worth more than 20 million baht. They include the hour, a BMW, a Honda, a Toyota, a motorcycle, gold and diamond jewellery, mobiles phones and designer clothes.’’

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