Thai Cabaret Singer Steals Tourist’s SUNGLASSES

This is the shocking moment a Thai cabaret singer steals a tourist’s sunglasses – while they pose for pictures.

The man – named by his boss as Chanon Jumnongkit – sidles up to the unsuspecting woman as she smiles for a picture with another dancer.

Sneaky Chanon slips his hand into the petite woman’s handbag while joining in with a selfie – then quickly removes her sunglasses.

The young holidaymaker in a short dress is oblivious to the missing glasses and carries on joking with her friends.

Outarged onlooker Aoi Pratoom filmed the clip at the Aphrodite Cabaret Show in holiday island Phuket, Thailand after a performance on Sunday evening.

She posted it online and it went viral – prompting the show’s manager Thummaros Sukapirom to sack the disgraced dancer.

Thai cabaret singer Chanon Jumnongkit is caught on camera stealing a tourist's sunglasses in Phuket

Thai cabaret singer Chanon Jumnongkit is caught on camera stealing a tourist’s sunglasses in Phuket

Thummaros said: ”An employee named Chanon Jumnongkit, who plays a supporting character in the show, is the one who stole the glasses.

”After the show on Sunday, all our staff came out to the front of the venue to take photos with tourists as usual, which is when the incident occurred.”

Thummaros apologised for the incident and said that the woman had not noticed her missing sunglasses until she was told about it.

He added: ”As soon as we saw the video, we asked him to explain what happened and he admitted that he had done it.

“We are extremely unhappy about it. During the six years that our show has been running, we have never had any problems.”

Thummaros said that Chanon had confessed and later arrested by police while the glasses had been returned to the owner.

In September last year two ”adorable” child thieves were alleged to have stolen a tourist’s watch as they posed for pictures outside a temple Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

The images – which appeared to show them fiddling with a woman’s watch strap – went viral around the world prompting a search for the tourists who still have not come forward.

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