Thai Builder Impaled On 8ft Long Iron Rod

A builder stayed calm after plunging 50ft and being impaled through his back on an 8ft long iron ROD.

Sittapong Puangsantia, 23, was working on the new sports stadium at a private school in Samut Prakan yesterday afternoon when he lost his footing.

The construction worker tumbled down the scaffolding before landing on an exposed rod used for the structure of the building, which pierced through his back and came out the other side.

Shocked colleagues supported their injured pal before rescue workers arrived to cut him free and carry him to safety.

Incredibly, Sittapong remained calm throughout the ordeal and was laid on a stretcher before being taken to hospital.

Fellow builder Ton Nawaporn said: ”Sittapong was facing the wrong way and tried to turn around, but slipped. Then he fell. He was crying for help and we supported his body.

”It’s a miracle that he did not die. Falling from so high is dangerous but he also hit the bar. I think it is destiny for him to survive.”

Sittapong is recovering in a nearby hospital following surgery to remove the metal construction equipment. His condition this morning was stable.

Rescuers from the Samut Prakan Foundation said it took over an hour to finally release the impaled worker after they received a call at 5pm local time.

A spokesman said that officials would now investigate the accident.

They said: ”Colleagues held the injured man in place while the bar was cut and he could be carried down. We put him into a safe position and immediately took him to hospital. Government staff will check the site for safety.”

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