Thai Air Hostess Makes Fun Of Geordie Accent

This is what happened when a Thai air hostesses met a Geordie in Dubai – and made fun of her Newcastle accent.

Popular Thai air hostess Liz Sukhum struck up a conversation with the Samantha Wood on a coach during a stopover in the United Arab Emirates.

The pair from the same airline make small talk – and the Geordie’s dialect has colleagues in stitches as Liz struggles to understand.

Thai Air Hostess Making Fun Of Newcastle… by viralpress

She says ”It’s ah-reet” which prompts Liz to say ”what, what?” several times before friends translate it to ”it’s alright”.

Things get worse when the Samantha says ”aye” instead of yes, and Liz is left even more baffled.

When she asks about her time in Newcastle, she says: ”Did you get mottled” and tries to explain by saying ”did you get off your face.

But Liz’s own broken English has the bus laughing at her she he asks of the girl’s husband ”how long is he?”

She’s left blushing when the hostess explains that the correct word is ”tall” and asking how long somebody’s husband is could imply something far more rude.

There are more problems with the dialect when the Samantha says of her job ”aye it’s canny”.

Liz then asks her ”can you speak English to me”?

The hilarious clip went viral after Liz shared it online.

She said: ”It was really funny. I’ve been to Newcastle and it’s a lovely place. The accent is hard to understand, especially for a foreigner.

”It was a funny conversation and we all had a good laugh about it.”

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