Terrified Passenger Finds Snake In BUS seat

This is the skin-crawling moment a snake was caught hiding inside a bus seat – after a passenger noticed its tail poking out.

A terrified woman was travelling home when she spotted the serpent moving around inside the leather seat in front of her in Bangkok.

She shrieked and jumped from her own position before calling over to the driver. He immediately stopped the minivan on the roadside during the journey to Ang Thong and called the rescuers.

The pipe snake was carefully removed from the gap in the stitching in the seat where it had slithered inside its new home.

The driver, Tong Ling, said: ‘’I heard the passenger at the back yelling that there was a black snake the car. So I stopped the bus to check with my own eyes, and she was right.’’

Snake catcher Pinyo Pookpinyo skilfuly used his forefinger to pick three-feet-long snake out of the hole and safely put it in the plastic jar, ready to be released.

Pinyo said that pipe snake was a non-venomous snake which was commonly found in the humid weather. It might have liked the seat cushion as a warm and dark place for resting.

He said: ‘’This kind of snake was not really a biter. It would become aggressive when it was discontent, stressed, or forced to do something.’’

The officer planned to send the snake back to the natural habitat while many people volunteered to look after it as a pet.

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