Teenager Does World’s Best Ambulance Impression

This teenager has an ear-splitting party trick – an amazingly realistic impression of an AMBULANCE.

The lad was filmed showing off his wailing siren noise near an army barracks in Pak Phun, southern Thailand.

His high-pitched tone matches perfectly the warning sound let out by ambulances on the way to an emergency.

Military sniper Navisack Puntong, who recorded the hilarious footage earlier this month, said it had him and other squaddies in stitches.

He said: ”If you hear this boy you’ll think that an ambulance is coming.

”Actually he’s making the noise with his mouth and it sounds very real.

The kid does the world's best ambulance impression

The kid does the world’s best ambulance impression

”He’s either a really talented kid or very annoying. I wouldn’t want to hear him practicing every day.

”We found it very funny and recorded it. I don’ know who he was, just a young boy who lives near.”

The clip went viral after being shared on social media – but some viewers couldn’t believe that his vocals were real.

Tidah Kaemboon wrote: ”It looks like he is lip syncing. Perhaps there’s an ambulance passing by.”

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