Teenager Filmed Riding Motorcycle With His Feet

This is the moment a reckless motorcyclist stuns fellow road users by riding his bike – with his FEET.

The sunglasses-wearing teenager was spotted sitting on the 50cc motorbike’s seat with his feet resting against the handlebars.

Wearing no helmet and just a pair of shorts to protect his legs, he uses his feet to push the throttle forwards – hitting speeds of 50mph.

Teenager Riding Moped With His Feet by viralpress

The reckless youngster was filmed doing the ”ridiculous stunt” down a narrow country road in Rayong province, eastern Thailand.

He even grins for the camera and pulls a comb from his pocket to brush his hair which is flowing in the wind.

Shocked Som-o Janista was riding pillion on a bike next to him when she recorded the lad on November 3.

She said: ”He’ll be lucky to live a long life if he carries on riding around like this.”

After she finishes filming the clip, the youngster hits the accelerator again and speeds away on his green scooter.

The footage went viral and the motorcyclist was slammed by viewers.

Jenyut Auamimpuch said: ”Yes, now you can do it while you’re still a teenager and laugh about it. You can boast and show off.

”But when you grow up you will look back and ask yourself why you did it. Is it a good example for others. Spend a lot of time thinking and you will understand.”

AJanp Winset added: ”Be careful you don’t get yourself killed. My parents would be shocked to see me doing this.”

Thailand has the second worst road safety record in the world with 44 road deaths per every 100,000 people.

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