Teenager Attacked By Sword Gang At Roadside

This is the terrifying moment a teenager is attacked in broad daylight by a motorbike gang with SWORDS.

Ekarin Thuraphat, 19, was walking along the side of the road when the three helmet-wearing men rode by on motorbikes.

One of the gang slashed his arm – causing shocked Ekarin to run into grass at the side of the road.
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But the three men follow him and deliver a sickening blow to his head – sending blood pouring down his face.

The chilling video shows the men all dressed in black wielding the 2ft long blades above their heads as they surround the defenceless teenager.

Onlookers came to help him before the gang quickly disappeared on their bikes in Bangkok, Thailand, yesterday morning.

The clip was recorded by shocked passersby who alerted the police.

But Karin told cops he did not know who the attackers were.

The Royal Thai Police said they were reviewing the mobile phone footage while they investigate the attack.

A spokesman said: ”The young man told us he was chased by three men who he did not know.

”At this point we don’t know who is responsible but we are talking to the teenager and witnesses to find the people involved.”

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