Teenage Stabbed To Death On Bridge Waiting For Girlfriend

A teenager was stabbed to death on a bridge while waiting for his girlfriend on Halloween night.

Kriangkrai Wimana was found with five stab wounds to the head and neck and other parts of his body last night in Bangkok.

Police and forensic teams arrived and sealed off the footbridge over Charansanitwong Road in the Bang Phlat district of the city.

Bang Plat police said Kriangkrai, an electrical studies student, had been waiting for his 16 year old girlfriend when the attack happened.

The killer is believed to have chased the victim onto a bridge before stabbing him. He is then said to have

fled on a motorbike after getting into a fight with Kriangkrai, an electrical studies student.

Officers believe the dispute was about the girl or it was a fight centred on rivalry between neighbouring colleges.

They are now checking CCTV to find the killer and prosecute them.

The wound on Kriangkrai’s body were about one which was 2cm in the back of the head, one wound in the neck on the left side of the throat, and three in the stomach.

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