Taxi Has Squeaky Toy Chicken As Reverse Parking Sensor

This is the ultimate DIY reverse parking sensor – a squeaky toy CHICKEN.

The taxi driver in Bangkok, Thailand, was tired of constantly bashing in to walls when he rolled his cab back.

His ageing yellow and green cab wasn’t fitted with any of the modern parking cameras and sensors that modern vehicles are equipped with.

Squeeky Chicken Reverse Parking Sensor by viralpress

So he simply strapped a comedy toy chicken to the rear bumper that squeeks when it hits an object – loud enough for him to hear with the window down.

The cabbie’s hilarious footage of him demonstrating the DIY gadget has proved in hit with with fellow drivers.

He says on his video: ”It’s a parking sensor and it’s cute, too.”

The cabbie said it was also ”economical” and ”super easy to install”.

”Let’s do the research and see if it starts to be widely used,” the added.

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