Did Taxi Driver Make Nagging Wife Ride On The Boot?

This taxi driver came up with a terrifying solution for silencing his nagging wife – making her ride on the BOOT.

The driver was filmed travelling with the the long-haired girl in hot pants and a striped top on the back of the cab in Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday evening.

The pink taxi is driving at 50mph on the busy Rama 9 highway with the woman sat outside with her legs dangling over the bumper.

As the vehicle stops at junction, she even waves her arm and points to gesture for other cars to drive past.

The bizarre clip – which some viewers suggested was a ghost or a nagging wife being punished – went viral after motorist Orrawan Phuakthaisong shared it online last night.

He said: ”I came out of the airport and I was shocked at what I saw.

”It unnerved me for a moment and I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

”We still don’t know why she was riding on the back of the taxi like that. It’s a pretty unusual way to travel.”

In the recording, Orrawan is hears saying ”what on earth?” before asking a friend ”what is it?”.

They then speculate about whether the woman is a ghost – and if she will show up on their mobile phone recording.

But according to some reports in local media, the woman was a nagging back seat driver being punished by being forced to sit outside the car.

”We’ve all been there – driving a car with the missus banging on about something or other. Now, one driver seems to have come up with the solution,’ according to ex pat site,” Thai Visa.

”She seems to have accepted her lot on the back of the car. Though she is no battle-axe – she looks quite young and cute in her short black and white dress.”

Other people who saw the clip joked that the woman had haggled for a cheaper fare by riding outside the taxi.

Noi Parapong said: ”That’s a good way to get a discount if you can’t afford the taxi fare.”

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