Taxi Driver Crushed By Out-of-Control Car Crash

This is the horrific moment a taxi driver is crushed by an out of control car – just as he was about to get into his cab.

The cabbie had just finished his breakfast at a roadside restaurant in Nonthaburi, Thailand,  and was about to open the door of his yellow and green cab and star work.

But a speeding orange car suddenly careers across four lanes of the adjacent motorway towards the car park – clipping a lamp post and spinning rapidly.

The cabbie spots the danger and tries to jump out of the way but he disappears in a cloud of dust as the car smashes into a parked white 4×4.

As the dust settles, the taxi driver emerges alive clutching his legs and writhing in agony in front of shocked onlookers.

Restaurant owner Attapol Saensun, whose CCTV recorded the smash, said: ”We didn’t know the man. He was in his 40s or early 50s and he wasn’t a regular.

”He had just eaten breakfast and went to his car then we heard a loud noise. He suffered very bad injuries to his lower body. His legs were crushed.

”Now he’s in hospital intensive care and he will have surgery. Everybody is shocked by how bad the crash was.”

The injured cabbie was rushed to hospital and is currently in intensive care after having emergency surgery.

Doctors said he will need more operations in the coming weeks to deal with the devastating injuries.

Police revealed that the driver of the orange car claimed a burst tire had caused him to lose control. He told police that the brakes had then failed, leading to the shocking crash.

The driver was later charged with negligent driving causing damage and injury.

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