Taxi Driver Caught Watching Adult Movies

A taxi driver was fined after a female passenger caught him watching P**N while driving.

Wirat Promthai, 45, picked up the woman outside a shopping mall in Bangkok on Monday evening at 7pm.

But the passenger was shocked when she noticed that Wirat’s shirt was half open and that his in-car DVD player was showing a p**n moving couples romping.

The passenger took pictures of the clip and reported the cabbie – who later later turned himself in to the authorities.

Wirat admitted that he had been watching an adult movie while he was driving but claimed it was just an ”erotic clip” and did now show any nudity.

He said: ”I had already finished working that day and opened my shirt to relax. I put on the movie ‘Mae Bia’ which is an erotic movie and it is legal.

”I was not planning to pick up passengers. When the woman approached and wanted a taxi I did not want to refuse her. We cannot turn down passengers. The video was only for entertainment.”

Officials at the government’s Land Transport Department, which oversees taxis, staged a re-enactment inside Wirat’s yellow Toyota cab.

He showed them his collection of erotic DVDs and played one inside the car which shows a woman in her underwear dancing. He claimed this was the same video being played when he collected the woman.

Despite his please, officials fined him 2,000 Baht (50GBP) for dressing inappropriately and causing a problem for a passenger.

Sanit Phromvong, Director General of the Department of Land Transport, said: ”from the background check we know the taxi driver has never had any problems before. He has had a good record for 15 years while working.

”He said that he hesitated whether to collect the passenger or not. We have inspected his car and fined him a total of 2,000 baht under the 1979 Motor Act.

”The Department of Land Transport instructs all drivers to provide public serviced with quality standards that are convenient, safe and fair. They must build a safe driving mindset, good service, caring, and not taking advantage of passengers and law enforcement.”

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