Taxi Driver Burns Dog Alive After Peeing On Its Kennel

A cruel taxi driver who was scratched by a dog after he urinated on its kennel retaliated – by burning it alive.

The attacker, named Maulady, went to the toilet on a wooden crate next to his neighbour’s house in Jakarta, Indonesia, on May 10.

But the pallet was being used as a kennel housing mixed Dalmation named Lucky, who was startled and clawed at the cabbie.

The taxi driver then allegedly threatened to kill the pooch unless it was moved.

Lucky’s owner, Melly, refused to move the pooch and left the dog outside but was horrified when she returned later that evening to find burns covering his face.

She rushed Lucky to the local vets where he was given an IV drip but later died from his injuries.

Police are now investigating after the motorcycle taxi rider admitted smashing a bottle of petrol over the dog’s head then setting him alight.

He told police he was angry that the animal had attacked him and he was acting in self defence because the pooch had not been moved.

Police Commander Gozali Luhulima, head of the criminal investigation unit in Menteng, central Jakarta, said that officers were investigating the case.

He said: ‘’We will summon the suspect, but the suspect who burned the dog also wanted to file a report because he said his legs were bitten by the dog.

‘’After the plaintiff filed a report yesterday, the suspect had already undergone a medical examination at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital.’’

Rescue worker, Christian Joshua Pale, from animal charity Sarana Metta Indonesia Foundation said they had battled to save Lucky but his injuries were too severe.

He branded the attacker – who has admitted burning the dog alive – a ‘’sub-human a** hole’’.

He said: ‘’An innocent dog was burned alive by subhumans.

‘’Last Friday afternoon, Lucky was just sitting in his cage when suddenly a neighbor urinated directly next to him. Lucky instinctively responded by scratching him.

‘’This person got angry and threatened the owner to move the dog or he would burn the dog.

‘’Because the owner had to pray during fasting season, she didn’t have the time to move the dog.

‘’When she returned from the mosque, she was devastated to see that her neighbor did burn her dog alive in his kennel, an ass hole man hit the dog head with bottle of gasoline and burn the dog alive.

‘’Lucky’s injuries were so bad, the vet was having a hard time to put him on an IV. . The dog is dead now and we are going to bring this case to the court to put this a** hole in jail.’’

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