Taxi Driver Burned Alive After Ramming Car In Parking Rage

This is the horrifying moment a taxi driver was burned alive after he rammed another cabbie in a parking dispute – causing his own vehicle to explode.

Somchai Bunludee, 40, was trying to park at the shopping mall in Samut Sakhon, central Thailand, yesterday August 14 morning, when he began arguing with another driver.

Frustrated Somchai was seen aggressively bumping into his rivals vehicle, which was blocking a space he wanted to use.

But the parking rage instantly backfired and Somchai’s old taxi – fuelled by LPG gas – suddenly burst into flames.

Items inside the car – including heating oil, a lighter, and a quilt – also caught fire and the driver was quickly engulfed with flames as he struggles to escape.

Shoppers rushed to help and were seen trying to smother the flames.

Witness Khun Mham said that the shocking incident occurred around 10am while Somchai and another driver were arguing over a parking space.

The onlooker said: ”They were very loud and caught everyone’s attention. I thought it was just a fight until I heard the explosion and one of the cars was on fire.”

Footage shows the injured taxi driver lost his consciousness after rushing out of the burning car while his wife, Supatsorn Singheng, was heard crying devastatingly by his side.

He was rushed to hospital but later died at the Samut Sakhon hospital. Police are now checking CCTV cameras of the incident and interviewing witnesses.

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