Swedish Tourist, 44, Found Dead Surrounded By Sex Drugs

A Swedish tourist was found dead surrounded by beer bottles and dozens of empty packets of sex drugs.

Lars Kenny Jansson, 44, was slumped on a bed in the Chaweng Hill Villa, on the island of Koh Samui, southern Thailand last Friday July 12.

Residents told the police that they would normally see the man going out for food and alcohol every day.

But after they noticed that Lars had not been shopping for two days, they checked the property and found his lifeless body before contacting the police.

Investigating officer, Police Lieutenant General Thanonsak Aksornsom and Police Captain Rawi Na Boonno arrived at the scene which was described as ”very untidy”.

Inside the villa, there were empty beer bottles scattered around the floor and more than 20 empty packs of Kamagara Oral Jelly on the bed and in drawers.

The body was in the bedroom where police also found four empty whiskey bottles and several cigarette butts. The air con was still turned on.

Lars’s upper body was slumped against the bed while his legs were on the floor. There were no wounds found except a minor scrape on his left heel.

Officers believe the man had been dead for 12-16 hours before the discovery. But there is still no conclusion about the cause of his death.

Lieutenant General Aksornsom said: ”The body has been sent for an autopsy to find the cause of death and we are checking if the dead man had any health conditions.

”We have questioned the neighbours and we do not believe the death is suspicious. The embassy of the victim’s country has been contacted.”

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