Students Have An Epic Drum Battle In Class

These cheeky students show off their skills when the teacher’s back is turned – by having a DRUM OFF.

The teenagers were waiting in class when when the music teacher popped out of the classroom to collect some paperwork.

They had the fellow students in stitches with their battle of the drums as they take it in turns to come up with a beat by hitting the sticks on the tables.

Students Have Epic Drum Battle When Teacher… by viralpress

Sitting at the back of the class, they even use chairs on the row in front as a snare drum.

Their battle finishes with them drumming together in a raucous tune as classmates join in stamping their feet and whooping with delight.

Zaw Kumjudpanpai, 19, recorded the hilarious footage at Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, and it has since been viewed 2.5million times.

She said: ”We were in the class for traditional Asian music. While the teacher was outside we had a small battle of the drums.

”It was great fun. Perhaps they’ll get extra marks for making such a funny video.

”I can’t really tell from the video who is the winner. The two boys are both good. Everyone enjoyed it so I think they’re both winners.”

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