Student Spends $70K On Plastic Surgery To Be Cosplay Star

A geeky student revealed how she spent 50,000GBP on plastic surgery – to become a cosplay star.

Meiji Afilia, 23, started dressing up in the popular Japanese fashion style several years ago – but was unsatisfied with her appearance.

In just two months between March and April she splashed out on cosmetic works including a jaw reconstruction, nose job and face lift.

The cosplayer from Tokyo, Japan, reappeared this month with a slimmer face, pointed nose and larger, rounder eyes.

Meiji said she had spent seven million Yen (49,000GBP) on a range of surgical procedures – as well as doing intensive exercise and dieting to give her a ”thigh gap” between her now much slimmer legs.

She said: ”The money used in changing my appearance has proved to be a positive investment as I have gained a lot of followers including people who are not normally interested in this kind of thing.

”My nose has become much thinner and I think it looks better. It’s a very nice feeling.

”It is not only my physical appearance that has changed, but my self-confidence as well. I feel much happier and more confident.

”I’ve been on a strict diet and lost 12kg. I look completely different to how I did before.”

Meiji said that her facial reconstruction involved cutting away her strong cheek bones to create a more slender appearance.

She added: ”Many people have been asking questions about what happened. The change in the profile of my face is due to jaw surgery, not orthodontics.

It is an operation to change the position of the jaw by cutting the bone of the upper and lower jaw.

”It is said that the facial distortion, are eliminated in this surgery. I will be having orthodontic work for another year to complete the process.”

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