Stop looking at ladyboys! Wife’s furious reaction to flirty husband

A hen-pecked husband’s holiday takes a turn for the worst with an ear-bashing from his wife – after she caught him flirting with hookers.

The couple were carrying their suitcases through the heart of the notorious red light district Sukhumvit Road on a Sunday evening at around 7.30pm.

But the woman caught her husband exchanging glances with sex workers lining the street and flew into a rage.

She was filmed grabbing her husband by the scruff of the neck and repeatedly shaking him while castigating him for his bad behaviour.

The onlooker who recorded the video said: ”The girls are quite forthcoming and they don’t mind catching people’s attention even if they’re with their wives.

”I just saw the man walking with his Mrs and smiling with some of the girls looking for customers which is quite normal there.

”Next thing his wife lost the plot and was grabbing him and letting rip. At that point I started filming them and they stormed off down the road.

”I spoke to the ladyboy after who you can see in the video behind them and she said he had been looking at the women.”

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