Soldier Starts Crying When He Has Injection

This is the hilarious moment a burly soldier starts crying – because he has to have an INJECTION.

The new army recruit was led by two other military officers to a desk where a nurse was waiting to give him a jab.

But even before taking his seat, the sobbing squaddie is clenching his left arm complaining ”it hurts”.

Soldier Crying When He Has INJECTION by viralpress

He then breaks into floods of tears as the nurse prepares his arm – and two colleagues in camo have to CUDDLE his head.

The nurse tries to reassure the shaven-headed soldier, but as the needle goes in he starts wailing even more.

Unfortunately his suffering garners little sympathy from fellow recruits – who start laughing at the new army hopeful.

The hilarious footage filmed by security officer Sumruy Pungjan went viral after he shared it online.

He said: ”These are brave soldiers. They’re never scared of anything…. except one.

”It’s quite funny to watch this. He was scared of having a needle. But he’ll have to toughen up if he wants to make it in the army.”

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