Snakes Under The Bed! 10ft Long Python Almost Eats Teenager

This is the stuff of nightmares… a 10ft long python hiding under the BED.

The serpent slithered into the home through a window during the night in Chaochoengsao. It killed the family cat then found a hiding place under the bed of Nong, 13.

The python puts up a fight after being caught hiding under the bed in Chachoengsao

Nong’s mum Thanapoom Lekyen, 42, walked into the room the next morning and saw the reptile before running out screaming.

Luckily, Nong had fallen asleep in a different room the night before. Otherwise it would have been a very nasty tale indeed. And the python, which was captured and released, might have had a very tasty young teenager for its breakfast.

Thanapoom said: ”Nong was wearing his amulet, it saved his life.”

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