Snake Swallows Gecko But Its Saved By Friends

One of the great things about Thailand is you can go on a cigarette break and see mad stuff like this happening.

Sawet Numpet, 31, was lighting up with pals when he looked out at trees behind the factory where he works in Bangkok and saw two lizards and a snake in a tense stand-off.

It was clear something wasn’t right, and then he saw that the snake had a large bulge in its throat from where it had swallowed something.

Turns out that bump was from a torkay gecko that had been swallowed and the other two were trying to save their friend. They bit at the tree snake, then Sawet gave them a bit of a helping hand by prodding the snake with a stick.

The snake then spat out the gecko, which clung onto the branch with its heart pounding as it struggled to recover from being swallowed alive. It was also a strange shade of red.

Insane wildlife in Bangkok.

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