Snake In The Toilet Bowl!

A woman was stunned when she went to the bathroom and found a one-metre long SNAKE hiding in the toilet bowl.

Thida Auttjak, 35, spotted the serpent wriggling around in the water at her home in Rayong province, Thailand, last Friday.

She called rescuers who plucked the deadly reptile – believed to be a young python – from the water using a halter and metal pole.

The lively creature puts up a fight as it tries to escape but workers pin it down and lift it into a sack.

Shaken Thidah said it was the first time there had been a snake in her house.

She said: ‘’Snakes are my worst animal. It made me shiver when I saw one in the toilet.

‘’I ran out of the room and waited for the the rescue group to arrive. The snake has gone now but I still can’t stop thinking about it when I sit on the toilet.’’

Rescue worker Kilen Phe, who recorded the snake being pulled out, believes it crawled into the house through the back door.

He added: ‘’It took about ten minutes to get the snake out of the toilet and into a safety bag.

‘’It has been released back into the wild far from the house.’’

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