Snake Coiled Round Handrail Scares Commuters

This is the moment stunned train passengers film a snake coiled on a station handrail after it reportedly bit a man earlier in the day.

The incident took place at Ayala Station in the city of Makati in the northern Philippine region of Metro Manila.

A video of the snake was uploaded to Facebook where nearly 150,000 people have viewed it while 1,150 left comments and 1,600 shared it on their own profiles.

In the footage, the snake is seen coiled around the handrail at the top of the stairs leading down to the street level, flicking out its tongue at filming commuters.

In the next scene, three people take photos of the snake with their phones.

According to commuters, the snake bit a man at the station earlier on.

The station was reportedly about to open and staff members were not allowed to leave the ticket office which is why nobody came to deal with reptile, according to local media.

However, it is not the only recent case of snakes slithering around public transport stations.

In September, a python was spotted at the entrance to a bus station in the city of Pasay.

Around the same time, another snake was caught in the departure lounge of the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban.

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