Snake Catcher Nicknamed ‘Cobra King’ Dies After Being Bitten

A snake charmer dubbed the ‘Cobra King’ died after being bitten – then slicing off the serpent’s head and drinking its blood.

Elies Peter Lenturio, 42, had been riding his motorbike when he stopped and opened the u-box on the back where he kept his own pet cobra.

But the reptile – which Elies had adopted as his own lucky mascot – is said to have been angry after the box was closed on its tail.

Father-of-two Elies opened the container and the cobra sunk its fangs into his hand in Sorsogon City, Philippines, ono December 2.

The snake catcher – who had been hunting the creatures since a teenager – had been bitten hundreds of times before and believed he could cure the bite.

He self-treated the injury with his usual method – cutting off the snake’s head and drinking its blood washed down with a few glasses of strong liquor.

But Elies’s family were horrified when he returned home and later began foaming at the mouth and suffering spasms as his body stiffened. He was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead.

Family friend Jessant So, who broke the news of the death online, said: ”Sorsogon’s ‘Cobra King’ is no longer after being hit by his own snake he placed in the U-box of his motorcycle on Saturday, December 2, 2017.

‘’The snake’s tail is suspected to have been crippled so when the box was open it suddenly struck. Elies snapped the snake’s head off and drank its blood.

‘’Then later while asleep, suddenly his body stiffened and began foaming.

‘’Elies was the catcher of snakes since the age of 15, he was always taking care of different types of snakes.

‘’He had been bitten many times before but always cured himself. But in the case of the last bite, he never survived.

‘’The truth is that a snake will always be a snake and it will feed on you, no matter what.’’

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