Sleeping Security Guard Killed After Falling Into Drain

This is the moment a security guard is killed after taking a nap and falling off his chair into an uncovered DRAIN.

The uniform-wearing man settled down into the white plastic chair for a nap in the early hours of Saturday morning at around 2.30am.

His right leg is resting on a second red plastic chair but as he nods off his seat starts to wobble and he topples over to his right.

Shockingly, he rolls straight into a large open road drain that had the metal grill missing in Bangkok, Thailand.

The man – who was guarding an apartment block’s car park at the time – plunged several feet down the drain and smashed his head on the exposed concrete.

A colleague appears moments later but he did not raise the alarm for another 30 minutes, according to local reports.

Ambulance workers arrived but the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The distressing footage was shared online with many questioning why the co-worker didn’t rescue his colleague.

Shell New wrote: ”He was hired to patrol the building and shouldn’t have been sleeping on the job, especially near something so dangerous.

”His friends should have heard something but perhaps they didn’t see him in the drain because it was so dark.”

Bunterm Yuenton said: ”I’m confused why the second security guard went to see it but didn’t help his friends. Perhaps he was tired, too.”

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