SIXTEEN Sexy Thai Models On A Boat

Here’s a picture that’s the stuff of dreams for any man (or women) with a taste for Thai girls… it’s 16 of Thailands hottest all models all posing together on a boat.

Frankly, it reads like a who’s who of the hottest Thai pretties and models. There’s Alisa Phonaem,Koko Rosjares, Supitcha Boonkumphoung and more. See below for the full list.

But in the mean time, just enjoy this stunning shot of 16 hot Thai girls on a boat. Sail away!

16 thai models on a boat

The shoot was organised in Pattaya by the Cup E modelling group.

Here’s a full list of each model and a link to a gallery with each one.

ดามิรัน ไชยวงษ์
Alisa Phonaem
Koko Rosjares
Supitcha Boonkumphoung
รุ่งอรุณ โบนัส มงคลสระ
Chutiporn Pornnama
Janejira Sukcharoen
Kannika Manodee
Kittaya Ying Min
Nattharika Cherbell Morrasee
Niphada October Kaewphut
Nirada Boonsung
P’praiya Miki
Pornsawan Petsamrith
Rassamee Trakullukkana
Suwanna Kladdet

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