Side Chick Beaten Up By Boyfriend’s Jilted Fiancee

A scorned teenager watches as her love rival is made to beg for forgiveness after she was caught cheating with her fiancee.

The unsuspecting side chick in white t-shirt was invited to the room before a friend of the jilted Primprao Sringein, 20, confronted her.

She drags the girl by the hair, throwing her to the ground before repeatedly slapping, kneeing and using her hell to kick her in the head.

The victim cowers on the ground with blood pouring from her face but is made to kneel and clasp her hands together and say sorry while asking for forgiveness from Primprao, wearing a red top and sitting on the bed while smoking a cigarette.

A friend recorded the attack and gave it to Primprao who shared it online to shame her love rival – sparking fury from internet users over in the incident in Chonburi.

But defiant Primprao said`: ”I never do bad to people. But why do the people have the bad heart to do like this to me?

‘’I have to remember this story and learn the experience, I don’t want to go through it again.

She then laughed about tricking the girl to come and meet her. She wrote: ‘’I wanted to invite the other person for us to talk about it. There are three people involved and I wanted to talk about it.”

The attacker says: ‘’You like a lot the boyfriend of the other people?

She replied ‘’I don’t don’t, I don’t know he have girlfriend already.’’

There are then insults hurled at the girl who is branded ‘’a lizard” as she cries in pain and blood drops from her face onto the ground.

Primprao sits on the bed in red clothes smoking a cigarette – before calmly handing it to the victim after the attack to smoke once she has apologised.

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