Shrimp Fishing Pool Raided For Using Coyote Dancers

Police raided a shrimp fishing pool after complaints that coyote girls were entertaining the anglers with explicit dance shows.

Bosses hired the models to stand on the edge of the concrete pond while men caught the crustaceans and drank beer in Samut Prakan, central Thailand.

But police were alerted after the nights became too rowdy – with men cheering while sticking their faces in the dancers’ legs.

Footage from the Jin Joong shrimp pool on Saturday September 28 night shows one dancer in white underwear and a skimpy pink strap top dancing provocatively.

Even though the customers enjoyed the show, officers were less impressed and found it was too raunchy.

Cops raided the venue and detained the owner Narongkit Suwanwiang, 26, and the dancers on Sunday night.

Police Colonel Sophon Mongkolsophonrat said: “Initailly, we charged the dancers with public obscenity.

“While the owner was charged for disturbing others with loud noise. Because he only registered his place as a restaurant we charged him with operating a nightclub without permission as well.”

The owner denied his charges and insisted that he did not try to make his restaurant a nightclub. He said: “I only hired the dancer to entertain people while they were fishing.”

Police said they will monitor the building to ensure that it stays closed while they pursue the case against the owner.

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