Shrimp Farm Slammed For Using Coyote Dancers On Fishing Pond

A shrimp farm has been slammed after it used COYOTE DANCERS to lure customers to its eat-what-you-catch fishing night.

The ‘Shrimp Pond SS’ laid on three busty models in hot pants to stand on the edge of concrete pool as customers fished for crustaceans.

They were seen twerking and squeezing their breasts together then pushing them into men’s face at the event on Saturday night in Chonburi.

But guests at the family restaurant next door to the pool were horrified and complained to local media.

Authorities launched an investigation and visited the farm yesterday which now faces being closed for FIVE YEARS if it is found to have broken any laws.

Chonburi Governor Patton Tianchai said: ”I have ordered the sheriff of the Sriracha district to inspect the shrimp pond after receiving complaints that the behaviour of girls there was inappropriate.

”This should not be performed in premises that are registered as a restaurant. if the entertainment is found to be illegal they will be closed for five years.”

The shrimp farm owner Panuwat Klaisaban admitted using the dancers for the event, which customers pay 500 baht to attend from 6pm to 10pm.

Customers are given a rod and a bucket. They can eat anything they catch. But Panuwat said that at previous evenings the guests had become ”stressed” because the shrimps weren’t biting – so he hired the dancers to help the customers relax, which he believes helps the shrimps to relax, too.

Panuwat said: ”Customers are stressed when when the shrimp don’t take the bait. The coyote dancers create a relaxed atmosphere. It is not indecent, it is just colourful.

”All of the people who use this service liked the idea of having dancers. The fisherman are relaxed, so the shrimps are, too.”

Major General Chetta Komonwatthana, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Bo Win town police station, said: ”Police will investigate the shrimp farm and if the behaviour is found to be obscene then we will make an arrest and proceed to submit the case to the governor of Chonburi.”

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