She’s Blowing Up! Airbags Annie Shows Off Her Assets

Airbags Annie as we’ve called her has been kicking around for a while with sexy selfies on Facebook.

Her hubby is a race car driver and recently she has been selling clothes online. But after this photoshoot she has been blowing up (geddit?) and featured in a number of websites.

She appeared in Cup E Magazine, Kapook and had a flurry of product endorsement jobs from companies including BK Clinic and the betting sites and sbolucky66

Her Thai name is Phatthaya Chayakananan (ภัทรญา ชญากรนันทน์) but frankly I prefer the name Airbags Annie, so that’s the way it’s staying.

Let’s hope all this new found fame doesn’t go to her head, and she carries on sharing videos like this one of her pet dogs pushing prams. And remember to check out this selection of Airbags Annie’s own sexy selfies.

Here’s Airbags Annie showing off her famous air bags…

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