From Bankgkok Bars To Shenzhen Prostitutes

If you’re looking for Shenzhen prostitutes , you’re in for a treat. Like most of China, the city is crazy. Unfortunately – also like most of China – it’s not friendly to foreigners.

But whether you’re there on business or just leisure, the good news is that there are plenty of Shenzhen prostitutes. The hard part is that they’re mostly tucked away and you have to know where to find them.

So please read my story of my first trip to Shenzhen – and first ever to China – to understand how to deal with the Shenzhen prostitutes. This includes escorts, massage, streets girls and the red light district.

China is angry, unfriendly and crazy

I arrived in Shenzhen from the Hong Kong border crossing. It is possible to get direct flights to Shenzhen from Bangkok and other destinations, but I chose to stop in Hong Kong for a few nights (on the return leg I actually cut short my stay in Hong Kong short so I could get back to eating decent food and rogering the Thai girls in Bangkok).

Shenzhen prostitutes waiting on the street

Shenzhen prostitutes waiting on the street

My first experience of setting foot on Shenzhen soil was a hustling taxi driver trying to charge me 300RMB for a five minute drive to my hotel. Literally, this guy was so damn persistent I almost floored him but eventually got away. The taxi driver I hailed from the stop on the street was so sullen he would have made Victor Meldrew look chirpy. The price of the ride was 13RMB.  I gave him 15RMB, waited for change, asked why he wasn’t giving it to me, and then had a severe bout of the Chinese hairdryer treatment with him repeatedly thumping a sign on the dashboard. To this day I don’t know what he was saying.

The hotel, called the Shenzhen Sunon Hotel, then put me into a standard double room instead of the luxury King Size I’d payed for (expecting that I’d be having a few Chinese takeaways in the room).

So why am I telling you this? The point is that within 30 minutes of touching down in the soaring tiger, its great citizens had tried to rip me off three times. The point – when you’re hunting Shenzhen prostitutes they will try to screw you for cash. And unfortunately, as I’m about to explain, you will just have to accept it.

Street whores and a very narrow escape

Now onto the whoring. The brass is pretty well hidden in Shenzhen among all the shopping malls, factories, offices and hotels. But rest assured – it’s out there. You just gotta know where to go.

My first night on the prowl I headed straight to the Sunshine Hotel in the centre of Shenzhen. This is a five-star joint that caters for rich Chinese businessmen and the city’s politicians, pen-pushers and diplomats. A quick walk through the car park and you’ll see what I mean – blacked out BMWs, Mercs, diplomatic number plates etc. We’ll come back to this shortly… as it has some VERY interesting goings on.

The area we’re looking at is directly across the road from the Sunshine Hotel where the street prostitutes gather. I’ve made a very discreet diagram below…

Many Shenzhen prostitutes are found opposite the Sunshine Hotel

Many Shenzhen prostitutes are found opposite the Sunshine Hotel

So, I ventured into the night with only a vague bit of information that street prostitutes gathered opposite the Sunshine Hotel/ i found them on the Jiabin Road and the many small alleys along there. It was about 8pm and there were around 50 Chinese prostitutes at the time.

After a walk around scouting out the area, I liked the look of one really busty girl, a little chubby but with way bigger tits then any of the other. And here’s where you will also have problems – she didn’t speak a word of English.

Tip: None of the girls speak English. None. Be prepared

Trying to negotiate a tit wank back at your hotel while standing in a filthy alley with someone who only speaks Chinese it not the easiest task. It was actually complicated further when the mama sang / madame appeared and tried to broker the deal. She point blank refused to let the girl go back to my hotel, laughed when I asked for a ‘long time’ session bulling her until the early hours, and then things really got nasty when after all this when I refused to pay 400RMB (40GBP) to go to a nearby room for a 20 minute wank.

The old madame – not a day under 60 – was getting really irate (as Chinese like to do) and slapped my head. At this point about four very shady men emerged from the shadows with the slit-eyes narrowing even more. I was starting to fear that I’d end up in a chow mein. Thankfully, and this is the honest truth, an English speaking man from Hong Kong appeared out of nowhere.

This fella stepped in and quickly smoothed things over in Chinese before quickly whisking me away.

We chatted as we walked and he explained that he was from Hong Kong but had just come to Shenzhen for the night. I’m guessing by the fact that he was in the Shenzhen red light district for street prostitutes that he was mongering too. Never the less, he’d saved me from being dealt a Bruce Lee beating so I bought him a coffee from Starbucks.

And so my insider’s tour of Shenzhen’s sex industry began…

Young girls in hotels, dual pricing, mall brothels, dingy flats and street rotten better forgotten

The first place Bernard took me to was the Sunshine Hotel. You remember? The luxury five-star place frequented by wealthy Chinese businessmen and politicians. The one that’s conveniently located next the the Shenzhen prostitutes who work the streets.

And, as I discovered, that has its own high-end brothel tucked away on the fourth floor (this may have changed).

”All the top hotels have them inside,” Bernard explained.

”But the girls in the Sunshine hotel are younger than other places,”.

He said it like that was the holy grail, like that’s what I should be looking for, and all else was second rate.

I asked him how young they were.

”The Chinese men like the girls to be young, there are some that are reserved just for them. If you want a young girl we should go there.”

The brothel at the Sunshine Hotel is open to the public and it’s about 300RMB for a blowjob. (Remember how the street whore wanted 400RMB from me just for a tit wank? Yes, they will try to rip you off).

The Sunshine Hotel in Shenzhen, which has massage inside and street prostitutes opposite

The Sunshine Hotel in Shenzhen, which has massage inside and street prostitutes opposite

Bernard pointed out a few other hotels as we walked but complained that their girls weren’t as young.

Next stop was a block of flats that looked like something from one of the UK’s worst council estates. We reached the 8th floor and a mama sang opened the door to a dirty, filthy flat.

Tip: Hookers will charge foreigners more than Chinese locals

She explained that it would be 300RMB (£30gbp) for me ”because I was white” but for Bernard it would be 100RMB (£10gbp).

Two young girls emerged from the bedroom and Bernard grabbed one by the face (yes!) examined her then chucked her down onto the sofa (yes, again!). He actually seemed quite refined before this, but then as I explained, Chinese are a rough bunch.

I haggled some more and got the pimpess down to 200RMB, then had my own look at a 2nd girl in the bedroom. The mattress was filthy and she was looking pretty sad, so I made my excuses and we left.

Next stop was the fourth floor of a shopping mall. The entire place was deserted, the shops were closed, and I was feeling a bit uneasy.

We went to one open shop and there were four Chinese men in leather jackets behind the counter. They handed me a menu with pictures of the girls and said it would be 200RMB. Fair price, I thought.

Bernard said he had to leave for Hong Kong and went on his way.

After showering I went into a small massage room and a nice-looking girl appeared. She had a good body, nice titties and got down to work. I declined a drink or cocktails (fearing that they’d be spiked or the prices high).

She did something pretty strange – filled her mouth with warm water, and kind of gargled / blew bubbles with it in her mouth and she kissed my skin. I’ve never heard of this before or since, so I assume it must be something that Chinese men like.

But here comes the weird thing – before swalling my bell end she sprayed it with disinfectant – yes, some kind of antibacterial spray.

What can you do in this situation apart from laugh… and let her get on with.

So that was about that.

I walked home and passed loads of street whores in a different are to the one mentioned at first. But I can’t remember where these were (probably for the best).

Conclusion – get a local tour guide when looking for Shenzhen prostitutes

As you’ll see from my story, there are lots of bareback riders in Shenzhen. But as all the street signs are in Chinese and very few people there speak English, it can be hard finding the prostitutes.

It’s for this reason – combined with the added dangers of being ripped off – that I highly recommend finding an English-speaking local to show you the ropes on your first few excursions around the Shenzhen red light district.


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