Woman With Sak Yant Tattoo Has A SEXY Exorcism

There’s something quite erotic about this video of a woman having a sexy exorcism.

She claims to be possessed by the spirit of a tiger linked to her sak yant tattoo.

The petite woman crouches on all fours grunting and scratching at the floor as the wild animal supposedly takes hold of her soul. There’s plenty of grunting and panting (play acting?) as the beast takes over her body.

A black magic spirit doctor dressed in a tiger skin gown and hat yells an ancient spell commanding the unruly jungle cat to leave her body.

Eventually the sorcerer’s magic words seem to calm the spirit down and the woman returns to normal after the exorcism in Bangkok, Thailand.

”The woman has a tattoo of a Bengal tiger”

The sexy exorcism is believed to have arose after the woman had a traditional sak yant tattoo – like the one sported by Angelina Jolie – but it caused her to become possessed.

The woman adopts a doggy style pose for the sak yant tattoo sexy exorsism

The woman adopts a doggy style pose for the sak yant tattoo sexy exorsism

Thai tattoo expert Ting Klongarom, who runs a tattoo business in Guildford, Surrey, said: ”This kind of sak yant ancient tattoo that the woman had is called Paya Sua Krong and it shows a Bengal Tiger. The roots of this tradition come form the far north of Thailand close to Burma.

”The belief is that the tattoo of the tiger is imbued with a special kind of energy that protects people from black magic, makes people respect them and gives power to warriors before going into battle.

”But in this situation that energy seems to have become too strong, and she says that the spirit has taken over her body.

”The job of the spirit chief in this situation is to command the tiger spirit to calm down. He reads out some ancient spells in Sanskrit and it helps the woman to get back to normal.”

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